Friday, January 30, 2015


Just for Kicks and Giggles
My daughter Erica is working on not using swear words.
She is wearing a swear band? 
That's what she calls it. 
Every time she swears she has to snap it. 
 Notice her wrist is a bit red
She needs to work on it! 
Keep going girl.

 Just for Kicks and Giggles you
 can see my new kicks!
 And here are the kicks Erica is wearing.
 The great thing about fabric is we can both kick it with this print no matter the weather.
Steppin Up is on 
$7.95 per yard

 Place your order and get your kicks!

 No matter the kicks you wear it's all about 
making sure life is filled with
So go ahead and step it up…
Find a way to be 
into a world of fun and fashion.

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