Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Joy in the Journey


My Nephew ZAC is trying to decide which
 Super Hero he wants to be.  
There is so many choices in the world of fantasy.
Deciding how you change and 
save the world is 
a big job. 
seemed to always be on the rescue

is hard to compete with.

 But then there is real life Hero's 
My Son is a warrior and is making great progress
on changes in his life.  
It's difficult how life can change in an instant.  
You get hit with the reality of Satan.
Although we run from danger and we 
wouldn't jump in front of a freight train we get caught in snares and make choices which change our lives and require us to take drastic measures to break free.  
The reality that God is real and with his 
power nothing is impossible! 
 And speaking of 
My daughter is shining bright and staying focused and deciding to find joy in her journey.  
She recently is working with young women
 in our church being the secretary and is so excited.  
She has a zest for life and brings me joy and laughter 
everyday.  She amazes me.
How could I be so blessed to have my two struggling children crawling back, fighting and holding 
on to the truth and finding strength in their journey's?
Life is full of trials and yet there is 
blessings everyday and something 
to be grateful for.  
Remember to find joy in your journey and never lose hope.
Without hope how do we survive?

Live, Love and Laugh Everyday!

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