Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Princess

The Story of a Princess…
Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess, who grew up in a home filled with love and goodness. She had parents who worked together to raise their family with values and religion.  She was beautiful and had a brother and sister who idolized her.  She had many friends and was happy.  As she grew, she went out in the world to find her true love and her prince charming.  She dreamed of the perfect marriage filled with blessings,  prosperity and happiness.

And, as it began, she seemed to have found all of that!  She married in a religious fashion and had the  dream of a happy life together.  They worked hard together and, after a few years, began their own family.  They built a home, and things seemed to be perfect.  As time went on, things began to change slowly.  

With counseling and help, they tried to repair some of the damage of evil forces.  Just as things seemed to be getting better, the beautiful princess was prescribed pain medication for simple pain.  The medication seemed to be harmless. After all, it was prescribed and controlled from a doctor.  And surely he knew what she needed.

As the months went on, the pain pills didn't seem to be working.   The pain would not go away, so she needed more medication. The princess began seeking solutions on her own.  Day after day things grew worse and worse.  Her marriage was falling apart, and the important things in life were not so important anymore.  The appetite and Satan's desires were all she could think about.  
She began putting herself in places where she felt good (or so she thought), wanting more and more to fill her passions and appetites.  This wicked and evil combination doesn't come without consequences, and, in this story, a dear and serious price to pay, which she must endure for the rest of her life.

Illegal and poor decisions began to be part of her life.  People and places of destruction are what she began to surround her life with. 

Living in a dark world with illegal activity meant days of sorrow and loosing freedoms.  The rest of the story is hard to comprehend and think about.  
If it happened to her it could happen to anyone.  She had a future, goals, talents and a family.  She had a life until she gave her life to Addiction.  


  1. one of our grand daughter by marriage did just this. now she is in rehab. i just hope for her two children that it works

  2. Addiction is strong, but GOD is stronger, you will have to work at it and rebuilding trust with the people you love, because they are the ones you hurt the worst. I have seen so many children of GOD healed in our church program, and I have seen a lot of them who never new about GOD, going to church now, and you no what? it is one of the most beautiful sites I have seen. To see GOD work in there lives, to see those sad beat up faces come alive with the love of the Lord. Stay strong my sister in Christ, he is right there with you. praying for you. GOD bless