Monday, December 15, 2014



Erica Jane Brooks
has a story which is almost impossible to imagine.

 My oldest daughter, my pride and joy!
 Fun active and full of life
 She has been given so many gifts
but her greatest gift is that of being happy!
She is always, always, always positive!
 She has had dreams and hopes for a 
happy beautiful life.
Being on top of the world!
 Finding joy in her family and her children.  
Her dreams and been shaken and her joy has been 
tested her life has been shattered.   
She has had to bear some unbelievable challenges.
And yet?  There is hope.  
Follow this week as you will hear a story which you won't forget.  A story of tragedy and yet it's triumphant in the battle.  
It is a very special story, of a very Special girl whom I love with all my heart. 
Stay tuned and keep posted.  
As I share with you my daughter

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