Wednesday, December 17, 2014



Although the mistakes of the past usually can be repaired and mended…? in Erica's case not so.
Because she is Canadian it has brought life long consequences.

She does not live in a Castle anymore.  Her life if full of heartache and sorrow.  Although her outward beauty is still there she is broken and full of pain, guilt and sorrow for the choices of her past.  Struggling everyday with to fight addiction and living with regrets makes everyday living difficult and some days seem impossible.  With divorce and loosing 5 beautiful children the blessing she once had of loving and cuddling her babies is now just a memory.  

Although this story began as a fairy tale with a beautiful princess it is quite the opposite it is nothing short of a nightmare.  It is not a fairy tale... it is a true story.  It is the story of my own beautiful daughter who had the chance to have her dreams come true.  
If if happened to her it could happen to anyone.  
Addiction does not discriminate it preys on the strong and makes them weak.  If someone told me 10 years ago this would be my daughters choices I would have never believed them.   Addiction is real.  It destroys families, brings sorrow and destruction to your soul and turns our logic into a sick passion and appetite to do whatever it takes to achieve our passion.  We as mothers, fathers, friends, aunts, uncles, grandparents  cousins and families must seek to have the ability to find a way to support and have courage as we love our loved ones back.  
Peace comes in turning our hearts to God.  In the deepest and darkest days of despair I have tried to focus on my blessings and had to rely on faith.  

Our greatest joy and our hardest tasks come from 
the ones we love.   
There is no greater joy than the joy of family!
As her mother I pray for her to have peace.  To find a way to begin and start again.  To find hope and happiness 
and enjoy simple pleasures.  
Always remembering to help others along the way.  To seek to do good and give support and love along the way.  
We are all sinners and I love the saying…
Every Saint has a past…
Every Sinner has a future!


 My Grandkids are reading letters 
sent from their Mom while she was in 
Jail waiting for decisions from Immigration.  
 There was times that were happy and full of life!

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