Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas Ornaments


One of the most fun mini trees I have 
I made years ago and still is one of my favorites.

 I took old wool pieces of fabrics and cut 
stockings and mittens and then 
used wool felt to make snowmen.
Using the blanket stitch I stitched them down. 
added a cuff and button.  

Some other ornaments that I love.
I used a pre-printed fabric and cut out the shapes placed them on muslin which I cut into hearts and stars.  
I  used some paints.
I also made sheep for my nativity ornament tree.
The sheep had little cowbells (Sheep Bells) on their necks.

 Using the quilts and pillows I have made over the 
years have been fun to put into my decorations.  
 The twinkle of lights
brings the spirit of the holidays. 
So fun to sit by the fire and enjoy the season.

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