Thursday, December 18, 2014


It is finally here…
My daughter has fought for 5 years and now she is headed NORTH… Not quite to the North Pole but to 

Her Uncle Mike Card 
was working at Delta and was her first hug from family.
We are blessed to have such amazing family and support!

 She boarded the plane not knowing how to get word to her family who was picking her up. 
The Status from Immigration is they don't tell anyone when she is going? She didn't know it was today.  They came and woke her up and told her to get ready.

How can this be so wonderful and 
so hard all at the same time?

Some things in life just don't seem fair.
Because of an addiction life changed for Erica my daughter … 
and changed dramatically! 
My daughter has fought for the freedom to be with her family.
To hold her children and be part of their life daily.
She continued to be held in jail while we fought for the outcome.
I am amazed at her attitude always happy and positive.
I always hung up from the calls from her in jail laughing and feeling like we could do this another day.  The days went on and on and the court system went on and on for a total of over 5 years. 
She is my special sweet girl who had been empowered by Satan. 
And trying to break free from this Addiction has proved she has strength and courage and has been able to conquer!   
It has been the hardest thing a mother can bear to watch.
And she is my hero and has done everything, everything possible to try to win her life back she never QUIT!  When it didn't happen and we were told our options she faced it with 
courage and was  determined that she would take on a new journey 
with new challenges. 

As a result that fight most recently has meant 
over one year in jail.  Not because of charges or 
serving a sentence but being held
on immigration charges and decisions on Deportation.
With 5 children it has been a long battle with lots of 
tears and trials.  My grandchildren are warriors and 
have courage and strength beyond their years. 

Finally the best and most wonderful moment of all today as she 
 was seated on the plane and looked up and her
dad (DB) walked down the aisle.
She jumped up and hugged, cried and held on to her dad
who accompanied her to start her new journey.

Finally after 7 years and using all our savings and retirement on Attorneys and fees to save our daughter and bring her home  we will embrace the freedom.   My daughter will say goodbye to her family, her children, her friends, her life that she has know for 33 years and be place in a new country to find a new life.  It is a bittersweet moment.  After such a long battle and struggle she will begin a new journey.  Being clean now over 7 years but spending most of that time in and out of Jail gives our family hope to find some resolution.  At this time she has to stay 3 years and then re- apply to come back to the US.   Thanks to our amazing recent attorney 
ADAM CRAYK who is in Salt Lake City. 
Being a legal permanent resident doesn't mean much? 
She has been treated less that humane at times and 
hard to comprehend all that she has had to endure.  

My husband being Canadian means he has some
extended family there in Canada.
So we are grateful that there is someone there to 
meet her and help her get on her feet.
It's a story that has so much heartache and sorrow I don't know how we have all survived.  
But survival is part of life.  
As she blows one last kiss she turns to welcome and open her arms to a new world and the hope to return back to us.
3 years is a long time and we pray that she will be able to come back to us.  Our blessing in all of this is that it isn't forever.  She cannot come back to the United States not even for a visit for at least 3 years but right now at least it's not forever!
There is still hope.  
She is now serving a 3 year mission. A mission which has hope and a future for beginning a new life.  There will be challenges but she can do it!
Please pray for her and her children and remember this Christmas Season to hold your loved ones tight!
Keep them close and always tell them you love them. 
Don't forget to share your joy and 
gratitude in all your blessings.  

I know that this Christmas I won't be able to be with my girl. But my girl will be able to  find laughter as she sheds a tear or two.  She will enjoy feelings of  hope, hugs, kisses, treats, smell the fresh air, go on a walk, see the stars and welcome the rising sun in the morning.  
Choose what to wear each day,  and decide what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.   
She will be able to have a minky quilt to curl up with and finally a pillow for her head to rest on.  

We are blessed, we survived, we give thanks!


  1. Bawled through the whole post!! I am so happy to just see her standing in line in the airport, let alone in her Daddy's arms!! My gosh, I am so happy she gets to be with family in Canada and not alone in jail !! Love her so much!

  2. I have admit, I looked forward to our visits every Wednesday! I am going to miss them, but I can call her in Canada though and I will! I love her so much, she makes me smile!