Monday, November 24, 2014


Bubble Gum Bubble Gum in a dish,
How many stitches do you wish?

 On your Birthday you're not suppose to need stitches.
Peanut(Paizlee) fell on her bike and had 5 Stitches 
I guess because she was turning 5 seemed right?
Of course her cousin Hannah had to wrap her chin.
She couldn't find a bandaid and so she decided to 
figure out the next best thing. 
Extra gauze and tape can do wonders.
It really looked bigger and better than was necessary.

 It's so fun to be queen for the day with a crown and all.
Birthday parties are so much fun especially when you are 5.

If you love to have parties and fun times the 
party banner is simple and fun to add to your party decorations.  Celebrate can be used for all party occasions. 
 Hang at the front door, the lights or cabinets 
when my grandkids see this hanging they know its time to
P A R T Y!

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  1. I'm so sorry Paizlee fell and got 5 stitches, poor baby. I saw the picture on your post and had to comment. When I was 5 (not on my birthday) I also fell off my bike and got 3 stitches. ;-> I had a bandage from ear to ear that the doctor put on. My classmates stayed away from me for fear of hurting me (they must have thought it was much worse, from the size of the bandage). I hope she had a wonderful 5th birthday anyway. ;-> Toni Anne