Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Attitude of Gratitude

Why not? 
If you are celebrating Thanksgiving at the beach 
why not do it with Chocolate?
This year is sure to be the not so traditional 
Thanksgiving Celebration. 
 However if you are with your family what 
else do you need?

After all the season for gratitude doesn't come 
delivered in a Turkey.
It comes from the blessings you remember to be grateful for the and memories you create during the holiday.
We love the beach and we love our family. 
There have been many struggles and trials and we are particularly grateful this season for the chance to be together soon.
Despite set backs and mistakes in the past we are looking to the future and the hope for change.
We never give up and continue to hold each others hand. 
 The good thing about hotel rooms and Thanksgiving there will be no one having to cook and clean.  We will enjoy the efforts of others this year.  We can all relax and enjoy and we plan to.
 As the sunsets and the Holiday Season begins there is so 
much abundance that  surrounds us. 
Family, Friends, Hope, Laughter, Food, Seasons, Holidays, Love, Sunshine, Peace, Joy, Kindness, Grandchildren, Chocolate, Quilts, Sharing and Faith.  And the list goes on and on...
Write your list and have an attitude of Gratitude.  
We wish you and your loved ones the most joyful, plentiful and happy Thanksgiving and pray for love and friendship for all!
give thanks and rejoice life is good!

Share in our comments what you are 
grateful for this Holiday Season 
and you will be entered to win a 
complete kit of
I  love to have you share with me it gives me inspiration. 


  1. I am grateful for faith, family, friends and the inspiriation shared by talented people such as you.

  2. Wondering where you are at the beach! Happy Thanksgiving!