Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pizza and Daily Deals


My newest toy to add to my kitchen collection is a 
Pizza Maker by Breville I got mine at Williams Sonoma.
Its an electric Pizza Baker which heats up to 
600 degrees and has a stone it 
bakes the Pizza like a Brick Oven would.
I learned a few tricks on my first attempt.
I also didn't do a traditional tomato sauce I decided to use a 
Herb Italian Olive Oil ….SO YUMMY!

 I used fresh basil, tomato, mozzarella 
and  parmesan cheeses. 
 I piled my ingredients a bit too high and 
also didn't use quite enough flour so it would slide off my paddle easier.  Therefore my Pizza was not round more oblong or some kind of other shape? Now I know why wood fire thin crusted pizza only has a few toppings the weight of too much 
topping is difficult to support. 
The cooker has different settings depending on the
thickness of your crust.
The newest toy to the website is our 
Daily Deals 
everyday we will be posting a new deal.  
Some of these deals are more than 

and on the weekend we will be offering the
Weekend Wow this will be a product to save on 
all weekend as long as supplies last.
You don't want to miss to savings so check everyday.
They post in the morning by 10 am here at the warehouse.

The pizza was amazing and so are the Daily Deals.
Don't miss all the upcoming news and events as well as 
fabulous recipes, quilting tips, family moments
 and life changing stories.  
The blog like our company is always changing and 
offers a wide range of ideas, deals, promotions and events.

Order your Cook Book today
as a gift for the Holiday.

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