Wednesday, October 1, 2014



Cut all binding strips 2" wide
Remember you are working with fabric 
58"- 60" wide fabric

For a 60x72 you need 5 strips
For a 48x60 you need 4 strips

TIP after cutting the minky toss strips in the dryer on air fluff no heat for a few minutes to remove all lint and minky dust. 

Stitch all binding strips in one 
continuous strip sewing Diagonally. 

Place the quilt right side up and lay binding strip on with right sides together leaving about 12" as a tail. 
You will be using a single layer of 
minky and 3/8 seam allowance. 
Stitch in the same manner as a cotton binding.
when you get to the corner stop about 1/8"
from edge fold the binding 45 degree angle.  

Then bring the binding strip back lining up the top edge.  
 This makes a mitered corner.
 Begin stitching at the corner with
 3/8" seam allowance.

 When you get to the end where they line up cut 
the tail leaving about 6" unstitched. 
 Bring the other strip (with the excess minky) and line it up to match the cut minky piece.  Fold back lining it up to the cut piece and measure 2" from the folded edge
 cut the excess minky off.
 Lay the binding strip right sides together 
and  sew together diagonally.
 After you stitch check to see that the minky binding strip lays flat and then trim the excess minky.   
Lay flat and stitch in place. 
 On the back side of the quilt you will stitch the minky binding in place.   Fold the binding under slightly 
and use a serpentine stitch at 4 length.  

NOTE you can fold the minky slightly 
under or you can leave the minky edge raw. 
 You just want to stitch on the edge of the binding.
 This is the front of the minky quilt when the 
binding has sewn with the serpentine stitch.  
If you stay on the edge it will be right 
along the seam on the front also.  

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