Thursday, October 9, 2014

Grab n Go

Gracies "Grab n Go"
The method for this project is made with the 
flip and sew technique.  
Follow along and see how simple and quick this goes together.

Finished size 30x30

Begin with laying your backing piece of minky 
(minky with right side down)
spray your batting piece to the backing to hold in place.
Next cut your center square and center it on the backing/batting 
Make your tie
Pin tie in place diagonally

Add the next row and pin to center piece and tie.
Stitch using about 3/8" seam allowance.

Open and spray to lay strip flat.  You are now ready to attach the other side to the center block.
We always recommend the 505 Spray

It is easy to use and doesn't gum up your machine or needle.
It is a temporary adhesive so remember it washes out and you need to stitch to keep in place.
Find this product in Tools and Notions 
along with flower head pins.

Continue adding rows and open each time keeping seams flat and ready to attach the next row.

Using the flower head pins because they are long and thin.  
Pin about 2-3" apart lining up seams.

Notice the batting is visible remember you are sewing through all layers the top seams the batting and the backing.
This means when the project is sewn it is complete and ready for you to attach binding.  
There is no additional quilting required.

Order today the complete kit is available for
You will find it under the flavor of the month
It's a fast fun project to take in the car, lay on the floor as a mat and attach a toy to the handle or just snuggle up with it.

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