Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fresh Tomatoes

FRESH Tomatoes
From the Kitchen 

 It's the season to preserve 
the harvest from the summer season and prepare for the FALL! 

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 Every year at the Brooks home we wait… 
and wait for the tomatoes to ripe. 
It is the one thing that everyone loves… 

Salsa which is the epic recipe in the 
cookbook Page 1 
that recipe alone is worth the purchase.  

We also love Tomato Juice and of course we have to have some stewed tomatoes. 
 Everyone loves it so much that it's not hard to recruit helpers.  
My daughter Rachelle has canned  over 13 cases of tomatoes, goes to college and works full time in construction as well as has 3 kids, a man and 2 dogs
( which changes daily that's another story)  

The process to make the juice is definitely a process.  
First you have to cook the tomatoes after you have washed and quartered them.
Then we use the old time strainer and mallet and squish the
 tomatoes juicing them into a big bowl.  
Then wash and sterilize the jars and lids and fill with the juice. 
We add about 1 tsp of salt per quart.
The processing takes the time because you  need  to process for 
45 minutes once they are boiling in the water.

My Granddaughter PEANUT(Paizlee) is the best of helpers.  
She already knows how to fill the jars… YEAH!  
The next generation is on the way to
 continuing the tradition of canning.

 I love the gloves looks so professional. 
 I grew up as a DURFEY and it was 
  the yummiest to have…

"Macaroni and Tomato Juice"
I think it was more of a Mathis Tradition (which was my mothers Maiden name) 
 Because all of my cousins on my mothers side eat 
"Macaroni and Tomato Juice"
Its a simple dinner. 

You cook elbow macaroni salt and drain.  
Put macaroni back in the pan add the juice and heat! 
It's the simplest of dinner menu items…
 well simple once you have the tomato juice.  
Having a grilled cheese and glass of milk to complete the dinner is yum yum!

 You can see all the finished product on top of the cabinets. 
The pantry is full!
Rachelle's last count was 
56 quarts of Juice
12 quarts of stewed tomatoes
36 pints of Salsa
I am glad that my kids are grown up and follow in my footsteps. 
Even my son knows how to can tomatoes and does. 
It means I only had to do 
4 cases this year. 

As I promised here is a new recipe I created last night.

Italian Tomato Sauce

Skin and peel fresh tomatoes I used about 16 medium tomatoes. 
 Grind or chop in a blender. Set aside.

In a large skillet put 2-3 Tbsp Olive Oil add 3 cloves minced garlic.  
Cook on medium heat and roast the garlic be careful not to burn.  Add the fresh tomatoes. 
Add salt to taste  about 1-2 tsp.
fresh ground pepper
12 fresh basil leaves chopped
1/2 -1 tsp dry italian seasoning
3 Tbsp sugar
handful of fresh spinach
1/2 pound fresh mushrooms large pieces
Let simmer for about 1 hour 
taste and add more sugar and salt as needed add 
1/4 cup fresh grated parmesan simmer additional 15 minutes.

Serve over your favorite pasta
I used the spinach and cheese stuffed ravioli 
Sprinkle with fresh pepper and dusting of parmesan cheese.  
Serve with garlic bread 
you will want to mop up the sauce..

watch the blog this week 
for more exciting kitchen ideas, tips and recipes 
as we continue to celebrate the announcement of our 
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