Friday, September 12, 2014

Charming Quilt

5x5 Charming Quilt

Watch our tutorial on a 
simple new quilt 
using pre-cuts (5x5)

 Applique Glue
Holds each square in place until 
you do the final quilting.
You only need a dot of glue in the center of the square.

Cut the backing 1 1/4 yard

Frixtion Pen
Make a grid and mark every 6" to place a square. 
Or random place squares in rows keeping space even.

If you are quilting yourself use the 
505 Spray to hold the layers of your quilt together.

Find all notions in our 
Tools and Notions Category

Finish quilt made with Strawberry Lemonade 
5x5 squares
Rose Cuddle Minky

 Stitch about 1/4" leaving raw edge.
simple and fun quilt 

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