Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New Collection - Sew What

New Collection
by Dana Brooks

Sew What

You will enjoy all kinds of fun combinations in the newest cotton fabric collection by 
Henry Glass Fabrics.  As  a designer, quilter and a crafter being able to draw
a collection for the hobby I love… Sewing.. was an exciting opportunity.  
To share my love and passion through my drawings was a 
dream come true.  

Is a combination of buttons, threadmeasuring tape, pins, dress forms, and a toss of flowers.  Comes in both cream and Black background.  
Its the perfect print to brighten up your work space.  

The flower head pin print is a spin on the popular pins used in sewing and crafting projects.  
I loved bringing this concept to the collection…
 I love flower head pins!

Button Button who's got the Button?
Sew What has the buttons.  
I love to embellish and add a little button for a nose or the center of a flower.  
When it comes to sewing, buttons are a collectors dream and crafters must have them. Bring on the Buttons. 

The collection is not complete without a dressmakers tape. 
 And don't forget the signature…
I have to have a touch of SKIN…
Here it is in the stitching rows. 
Which comes in 3 color combinations.  

Zippity Zippers
The zippers are tossed and placed to add 
variety and color to the collection. 

Sewing isn't complete without a bobbin.  
Don't forget to wind several before you begin your project to avoid frustration and those famous cussing words!

There are so many fun sewing projects and patterns available.  Here is a few ideas to share with you, pincushions, thread catcher, sewing covers, mats, and notions holders.  

At MY LAZY DAISY SHOP we have a darling simple 
Petal Pusher Pattern for pincushions.
Also there is a free download pattern from Henry Glass 
 I have designed a wall hanging as well as a notion holder.  
Check it out! 

With a limited amount of Yardage you will need to place an oder today.

Yardage is offered at $9.95 per yard 
and if you are looking for  pre-cuts we have 
5x5 squares at $11.95 (42 prints)
10x10 squares at $39.95 (42 prints)
Fat Quarter Stack $52.95 (16 prints)

Don't miss the fun prints which will add 
variety to your fabric stash!
So lower your feed dogs, put the petal to the metal, 
and enjoy because it doesn't matter it's all about 
"Sew What"
visit our online store today

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