Monday, April 14, 2014

My Lazy Daisy Definitions

It never ceases to amaze us when we check the calendar and see all of the fun "holidays" that are out there. Today is NATIONAL DICTIONARY DAY.  Yes, really!

In celebration of this auspicious holiday, we have chosen to share some "definitions" from the "My Lazy Daisy Dictionary" with you today.

My Lazy Daisy:  A company started and owned by two awesome sisters that offers the highest quality (and cutest designs) in custom quilting and sewing kits, as well as Flavors of the Month (pre-cuts and quilting and sewing kits). 
Sisters, best friends, and founders and co-owners of My Lazy Daisy (Dana Brooks and Diane Card)

My Lazy Daisy Consultant:  Someone who signs up for the My Lazy Daisy opportunity.  She can do it as Discount Shopper for $29.95 (and receive over $154 in products and supplies in her kit) or as a Business Builder for $49.95 (and receive over $216 in products and supplies in her kit).  Want to help 'define' what a Daisy Consultant is?  Click on this link and sign up under a consultant today.
start your journey as a Daisy Consultant TODAY!

My Lazy Daisy Convention: The party of the year!  This year's theme is "A Few of My Favorite Things" and it is being held in St. George, UT from June  18-21.  To be eligible to attend, you just need to be a Daisy Consultant (and you can do that for as little as $29.95).  This year's theme is "A Few of My Favorite Things" and we are confident that Convention will be added to that list for you! Registration closes on May 15. To find a consultant to sign up under, click here.
Don't miss out on the party of the year!

Game Day Minky Challenge: Sewing challenge that ends on May 1. Hurry and purchase your Game Day Challenge Packet today to be eligible for several prizes, including a $150 My Lazy Daisy Shopping Spree.  You can get all of the details of this fun challenge by clicking here.

Flavor of the Month: Each month My Lazy Daisy comes out with a new "flavor" that is sure to make you drool!  Each flavor is delicious and is available for 90 days (or while supplies last, whichever comes first).  Flavors include many options of pre-cuts and at least one cotton kit and one minky kit. April's flavor is Creamy Dreamy Delight.  You can read more about it here.

Holiday Flavors:  Periodically, in addition to the Flavor of the Month, My Lazy Daisy offers a Holiday Flavor, which is a little more theme specific to an upcoming season or holiday. These flavors are also available for 90 days, or while supplies last (whichever comes first). In April, we introduced Strawberry Lemonade, which is perfect for Spring.  You can read more about Strawberry Lemonade here.

Go2Sew Groups:  Groups put together by Daisy Consultants for customers to get together each month to sew a MLD project.  Go2Sew groups are a great way to enjoy some 'girl time' while completing a gorgeous MLD project!
Join a Go2Sew Group today!

My Lazy Daisy Party:  Conducted by a Consultant, held by a Hostess (who earns GREAT hostess awards) and attended by the hostess' family and friends.  Great instruction by the Consultant and customers are able to  purchase products while helping their hostess earn rewards!
Find a Consultant and host your My Lazy Daisy party today!

That should be enough definitions to wet your whistle for My Lazy Daisy on National Dictionary Day.  "Define" yourself and participate in one of our programs or products above TODAY!

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