Monday, April 21, 2014

Making a Disappearing 9 Patch With Shelley Walling

Daisy Consultant, Shelley Walling from Keizer, Oregon recently shared with us a fun project (a Disappearing Nine Patch) she has been making using the Flavor of the Month Charms.  Enjoy Shelley's tutorial!

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I have been using the 5” square Flavor of the Month Charms (in my example above I have mixed a few flavors...Fresh Lime Squeeze {which is only available through April 30} and a couple others) to do the disappearing 9 patch and want to share it with you!  I seriously think I'm addicted to making these- they are so fun and so fast with the pre-cut 5” squares, you can make a quilt top in no time!

1.  The first thing I do is lay out my 9 squares in the order that I like---

2.  Then, flip the squares on the far right over on to the squares in the middle so they are right sides together---

3.  Take them in that order to the machine and chain piece all three---

4.  Keep all three together in the chain in the correct order--


5.  Open them up, then flip the three pieces from the far left side over on to the middle pieces so they are right sides together.  Chain piece these together just like you did previously for the other side.

6.  Now you will have three rows that are still attached together with the chain piecing, and are all still in the correct order.  Take them to the ironing board and press the top two seams in row one going the same direction.  Then press the last two seams in row three going the same direction as the first row- you will be skipping the middle row for now! (I pressed them toward the left)--

7.  Now flip the whole thing around, then press the middle row the same direction.  This will make the seams going in opposite directions so when you sew the rows together they will fit together nicely and snuggle right up next to each other- automatic pinning! :)

Here are the three rows, still attached together in the correct order and all pressed with seams going in opposite directions---

8.  Flip the top row down on to the middle row matching up seams (nice and snug thanks to pressing those seams opposite!) and sew--

9.  Now flip the bottom row up to the middle row, match up seams and sew just like you did in the previous step with that top row.  Press the seams to one direction.  Now you have your nine patch all sewn and it should look like this--

10.  It's time for the fun magic part to happen now!!!  You are going to cut down the middle of this nine patch in both directions.  Measure your block to find the center, and carefully cut right down the middle--

11.  This next step is where it is important to turn your mat (or your body) to make your next cut so you aren't handling the pieces.  Then cut down the center again--

12.  See what happens!?  So exciting!  It looks like you spent a lot of time cutting rectangles and squares!--

You can make a lot of these lickety split.  Easy project for beginners, and great for a quick lap or baby quilt.  I have been in the habit of making all of my blocks and stacking them up ahead of time before I decide how to arrange them--

Here are a few different ways to set them up, but have fun and keep moving them all around until you find something you love! –

This technique is not anything I thought up myself!!!  I was taught this technique a few years ago, and there are a lot of ideas on the internet for this.  You can just cut to the chase and say, “Make a 9 patch” but I also wanted to share how I sew my 9 patches to keep them straight and the seams pressed opposite. Enjoy!

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