Monday, March 3, 2014

Mixing Flavors and a Sneak Peek

Table runner made with the mixed flavors of Fresh Lime Squeeze and Strawberry Lemonade

We hope you have been enjoying the our Flavor of the Month program as much as we have. It's so much fun to sample delicious treats without gaining a pound!

Have you ever thought of MIXING flavors? Well, leave it to our creative genius, Dana Brooks (Co-Owner and Lead Designer at My Lazy Daisy) to do just that.  In the examples in today's post, Dana has mixed last month's flavor (February - Fresh Lime Squeeze, available through April 30, or while supplies last) with an upcoming Holiday Flavor (debuts to customers* on April 1) called Strawberry Lemonade. Today, we're sharing a little sneak peek of that in these darling mixed flavor projects.

Recipe:  To create this table runner, Dana used one Charm Package of Fresh Lime Squeeze, one Charm Package of Strawberry Lemonade, one Scallop Package of Strawberry Lemonade, and one Smoothie in Strawberry Lemonade for the backing.  She used many of her left overs to create the fun pin cushions you see below as well.

pin cushions from left overs

close up of one of Dana's pin cushions

Start mixing flavors today to create delicious original recipes of your own!

*All Holiday Flavors and Flavors of the Month are available to CONSULTANTS at 40% off in the month prior of when they go live to customers. Join the My Lazy Daisy family today!

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