Monday, February 17, 2014

Strip Quilt Tip from Carma Owen

One of our dynamite Daisy Consultants, Carma Owen of St. George, UT shared a tip this week that make putting together strip quilts easier for her.

Carma said, "When making strip quilts, usually the directions call for the backing fabric to be laid down first, spray adhesive applied, and then the batting placed down next.  I have found that putting the batting down first, then apply spray adhesive, and then the backing fabric results in less wrinkles and less “smoothing out” time.  I generally had to turn the layers over anyway to check if the backing was smooth but with this method, I don’t have to smooth it out as much as before, and I can see any wrinkles right away."

Here are a couple of photos to illustrate this tip:
Original Method

The "Carma Method"
 Thanks, Carma for sharing your tip!

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