Thursday, January 23, 2014

Passion Parfait Tips with Chris Smoot

Chris used the Passion Parfait Fat Free Smoothies, the Charms, the Cakes, the Sprinkles, and bit of some other fabric she had to make these items....

While creating with our January Flavor of the Month (Passion Parfait), Clearfield, UT Daisy Consultant, Chris Smoot came up with some beautiful creations and great tips to share.

Here are Chris's story and tips (You should know that as a Consultant, you can get our Flavors of the Month the month before they are available to customers, and at a great discount! That's how Chris had her January Flavor of the Month at Christmas time.):

I received my box of Passion Parfait  projects on Christmas Eve and was so excited!  We went to our cabin that day and spent the next week there enjoying the Christmas Holidays.  I had a lot of stuff to haul up there with all my Christmas gifts, food, etc but I did put in the box and a few things I thought I might get to sewing while I was there (I keep an extra sewing machine at the cabin). Anyhow, I did find time to pull out my Passion Parfait and decided I could make some place mats, a table topper, and a runner as well as the Be Mine Party Banner.  

My tips will focus on the table runner and some applique techniques I find helpful with fusible web.  

1.  First off I did not bring the template plastic that works so nicely when tracing or making applique shapes so I used something that I often use when I'm out of the plastic.  It is Cardboard!  Although it isn't see through it still works well, especially if you are drawing your own patterns.  I was making some hearts to add to my Valentine runner and made some patterns on some cardboard that I had at the cabin (it was actually a Christmas Card that I had brought up with some mail that was a perfect thickness to make my pattern...recycle/reuse!). Sometimes I even prefer to make my patterns out of thin cardboard rather that plastic template...anyway you should try it! 

2.  The next tip: I have found that sometimes when you adhere the fusible web to your fabric the paper just doesn't want to pull off easily.  Because of this, I have two methods I use when this doesn't work well.  The first is to bend down a corner (paper and fabric together)of the piece you have cut out to fuse.  Often the paper will just peel away easily from the fabric when you fold it (but not always).  If that doesn't work then try scoring the paper with a pin and then it's easy to pull away the paper from the fused web & fabric.  Give it a try!

 You can order from Chris's website 24/7. You'll also find her contact information on her site if you are interested in information on joining Chris's monthly Go2Sew Group, hosting a My Lazy Daisy Party, or becoming a consultant. 

Passion Parfait is is a collection of perfect pinks and ravishing reds and is available during January only.  There are pre-cuts (quite a variety), embellishments, and 2 different kits to choose from. Don't miss it! You can see all of the products available in the Passion Parfait collection by clicking here.

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