Tuesday, January 14, 2014

EVERYONE Wants "The Blues"

Don't believe us?  Let us explain!  You may not want the Winter Blues or the Baby Blues, but you would be in the minority if you didn't want the Chevy Twist Blues!  This darling quilt kit (approx. 40" x 49" finished) combines beautiful blues and trendy chevrons. Together they make BLUES that EVERYONE wants to have. You have the options of ordering the Pattern only, the Essential Kit, the Top Kit or the Complete Kit. This bluesy wonder has a cotton top and a soft, minky back.

We've heard that when you wrap yourself up in the Chevy Blues, all of the undesirable "Blues"(like the Winter Blues and the Baby Blues) are instantly chased away!

Contact your Daisy Consultant today to order your Chevy Twist Blues kit!  If you don't already have a consultant, find one here.

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