Thursday, December 12, 2013

Strip Quilt Trick from Phoebe Hein

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This tip is from My Lazy Daisy Consultant, Phoebe Hein from Newport, Oregon. You can check out Phoebe's website and purchase from her (24/7...even in your jammies!) at

Phoebe said...
I'm on my third strip quilt  and found an easier way for me that might help others. 

I don't like starting them with all the backing and trying to get the first piece flat and straight or be all bent over on the floor so I folded the backing exactly in half at the start to get the centerline and get it smooth.  Using a cutting table or kitchen counter works!  I smoothed it out, sprayed and put #4 down (my center). Next I gently pulled the bottom half out underneath and let it hang from the cutting table and marked 9" from #4 as a guide, where #3 should end up after sewing. Then I attached #3. I pulled that over to the side and repeated with #5, doing the marking etc. 

The gorgeous All Minky strip quilt you see Phoebe working on in these photos is the Jumbo Snuggle- Marabella Turquoise. It is approx. 60" x 72" finished and is so beautifully luxurious!

And here is the finished quilt....scrumptious!

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