Friday, December 20, 2013

Ruffled Flower Sac Variation by Tami Hall and Linda Larkin

Tami and Linda's variation on our Ruffled Flower Sac pattern
Two of our wonderful consultants, Tami Hall and Linda Larkin (both of Meridian, ID)  came up with this darling variation of our Ruffled Flower Sac using the Ruffled Flower Sac pattern and fabrics (from the Oreganata line) that they already had in their stash.  They alternated fabrics to create a fun checkerboard look. They had such a great time doing it that they even offered it as a project for their monthly quilting groups (go2sew groups) and they loved it too!

Tami Hall and Linda Larkin
After creating this little masterpiece, they made the revisions to our Ruffled Flower Sac patter, which you will see below.  If you have the Ruffled Flower Sac pattern, you're all set to follow their instructions.  If not, contact a consultant to order one!  Or you can head right on over to Tami's site ( or Linda's site ( and pick one up there! If you are near the Meridian, ID area and are interested in having a party or joining Tami and Linda's monthly go2sew groups, their contact information is right on their websites. Give 'em a jingle!
This is the bag you'd make if you ordered our Ruffled Flower Sac - Ghastlies

Here is what Tami and her mom had to say:

Ruffled Flower Sack (variation)

Fabric A outside, strap, pocket and ruffle

·      Need 1 1/8 yards

Fabric B outside, strap, and ruffle

·      Need  ½ yard

Fabric C lining

·      Need 1 1/8 yards

Fabric A   Outer bag, strap and pocket, cut:

·      Cut two upper right and two lower left bag templates along the dotted line meant for taping in original design. (Depending on fabric you may need to line up stripes or fussy cut the pattern.  To do this, line up parts to be fussy cut (with wrong sides together) then cut out separately.)

·      Unfold the remaining fabric after you cut the bag and strap templates following Figure 1 and cut a 7” X 14” pocket.

·      One strap template

·      Ruffles using Quick points ruler ruffling technique

Fabric B  Outer bag, strap

·      Cut two lower right and two upper left bag templates on the dotted line. Depending on fabric you may need to line up stripes or fussy cut the pattern.  To do this, line up parts to be fussy cut (with wrong sides together) then cut out separately.

·      One strap template

Fabric C  Lining and ruffle

·      After you have sewn the four panels of the outer bag together, pin one complete panel to the Fabric C with wrong sides together and cut out two lining pieces.

·      Ruffle using Quick points Ruler ruffling technique.

Ruffle and flowers

·      Cut flowers and ruffle out of fabric A and Fabric C.  Make large flower or three flowers (small 12-15”, medium 25-35”, and large 40-50”) cascading from upper right to lower left of the bag.  Remainder for upper bag edge ruffle.

Assemble the Quilt Top:

Note: Except where otherwise noted, all seams are sewn using 1/4” seam allowance with right sides

together and raw edges even.

1.     Sew Fabric A and Fabric B pieces for outer bag together to make outer bag panel.

2.     Using outer bag panel as a template cut two lining.

Other suggestions:
  •  Step 7 on original pattern: trim fusible Pellon ½ inch, so it is not so bulky when trying to sew ruffle, strap, and outer bag and lining together.
  • To vary the strap: fold wide edges of strap to the outside so entire strap is 4 inches wide. Top stich the curved edges.

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