Friday, December 27, 2013

Happy Holidays from Dana and Diane

We hope you and your families had a wonderful time during the holidays!  Our two owners, Dana Brooks and Diane Card (sisters) spent their holidays in two very different ways. We thought we'd share a bit of their holiday happenings with all of you.

Dana spent her holidays in a traditional way, at home...enjoying family traditions and surrounded by her grandkids. She and her hubby enjoyed surprising the grandkids with go carts!  Dana is a fabulous cook and we're sure her family enjoyed lots of delicious treats while at Dana's home. In fact, just thinking about it makes our mouths water!  Here a few pictures from Dana's Christmas:


Diane, on the other hand, is our world traveler. In Diane's family, there is nothing they love better than a great trip somewhere exotic. This year they chose Thailand!  Here are a few pics of them on the plane heading out. They even got to sit in the top deck of a 747 on their way to Japan...not a bad way to travel for a 15 hour flight!

The moral of the story is, whether home or abroad, the holidays are for spending time with the people you love doing the things you love.  We at my Lazy Daisy hope your holidays were perfect for you and your families!

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