Monday, November 18, 2013

My Lazy Daisy Top Consultants for October

October was a month full of success for so many of our consultants.  We'd invite you to join us in congratulating our top 10 sellers, top recruiters, and those who received promotions.  We have included links for you to their own personal websites in case you are looking for a great consultant to purchase from, or if you are considering being a My Lazy Daisy consultant and want to be sure you sign up under one of the best consultants in the company (those without a link do not currently have an active website). These consultants fit the bill in October!  Drum roll please......

Top 10 Sellers:
1.  Jennifer Reinhart, Newport, OR (
2.  Danielle Pettyjohn, Pendleton, OR (
3.  Phoebe Hein, Newport, OR (
4.  Laura Boyd, Newport, OR (
5.  Coleen Cullmer, Kennewick, WA (
6.  Tami Hall, Meridian, ID (
7.  Nancy Paterni, Houston, TX (
8.  Kay McArthur, St. George, UT (
9.  Christine Smoot, Farmington, UT (
10.  Lynette Judd, Washington, UT (

Top 2 Recruiters:
1.  Danielle Pettyjohn, Pendleton, OR (
2.  2-way tie:  Lynette Judd, Washington, UT ( and Jennifer Reinhart, Newport, OR (

Consultants Receiving Promotions:
1. Jennifer Reinhart (Newport, OR): Daisy Director!!!! (
2.  Phoebe Hein (Newport, OR):  Daisy Dream (
3.  Danielle Pettyjohn (Pendleton, OR):  Daisy Dream (
4.  Janet Sowers (Lewisville, NC): Daisy Delight (
5.  Tami Hall (Meridian, ID): Daisy Delight (
6.  Coleen Cullmer (Kennewick, WA): Daisy Delight (
7.  Laura Boyd (Newport, OR): Daisy Delight (

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