Friday, October 18, 2013

"Celebrate" Retreat Recap

Our "Celebrate" Retreat was a wonderful four days filled with laughter, excitement, and SEWING! We would like to share some great moments with those of you who were unable to join us in the fun.

Upon arrival of the first day, all of our lovely ladies claim their working area and make preparations to get sewingRaquel Birch and Toni Kazarian get all set up to start working on their first projects.

Somebody showed up prepared. Check out this awesome sewing center!!

 Dana Brooks (Co-owner and Lead Designer) gives a marvelous afternoon presentation.

You probably know by now that a fantastic event calls for fantastic food.

Nothing beats a hearty salad and delicious pizza from Riggati's, the best pizza place in town!

 It's all made complete with a delectable side.
 Food, Friends, Fun!

Mari Dreher gets her day going by working on her darling stockings made from Peppermint Twist, Designed by Dana Brooks (Co-ower and Lead Designer.

No time to waste. It's already time to move on to the next project.

Another night means another yummy dinner.

Here are our little helpers back in the kitchen.

Cindy McEntee and Mari Dreher hang the finishing products of their  christmas stockings, which turned out to be sooooo dang cute! 

These stockings deserve a close-up. Look how each one has it's own unique touch. VERY nicely done ladies!

That is quite a project room. Thanks to the Lexington Conference Center in St. George for the perfect area to set up our little "sewing sweat shop."

Cindy McEntee is enjoying putting together her pincushions made from Cuddle. What a great way to use up those scraps!!

Dana Brooks (left) engages in conversation with friends Jill Oslen (middle) and Brenda Smith (right) as they browse through our sister store, The Cuddle Cottage.

It's bright and friendly smiles from Brenda Smith. 

 Tess Burr

Tess is doing a LOVELY job of modeling these fashionable Cuddle slippers that she made. Why would anyone ever want to take them off? 

Carma Owen reaches for a swig from her "Swig" cup. For those of you who are not familiar with "Swig," it is a VERY popular quickie drive through in St. George where you pick up a quick fix for a smoothie, cookie, or your favorite soda craving. Some even order an extra splash of flavor.

 It wouldn't be a retreat if you didn't catch Dana Brooks (Co-owner and Lead Designer) buzzing through a sewing machine of her own.

Tess Burr  lends a helping hand to Toni Kazarian as she works at her machine on these christmas hot pads.

Gayle Camargo (Cuddle Specialist) takes a peek at  Raquel Birch and her nifty sewing station.

  Hi Tess!

Cindy McEntee (left) and Jill Olsen (right) working away on their final projects.

 Debra Cole looks delighted to be amongst such fabulous women and the humming sounds of sewing machines. Where could you find a happier place?

Well, that's a wrap. Those are all those photos that we have from the October 2013 "Celebrate" Retreat. We had a wonderful time with some wonderful women. There is nothing like taking part in your passion and talents while in good company. As retreat ends, we are all sad to see everyone go, but we are so grateful to have had the opportunity get to know each attendee as an individual. We hope to see many new faces as well as some familiar faces at our next retreat. And we certainly hope to see YOU there! 
A My Lazy Daisy retreat is a spectacular event that everyone must experience at least once, but we know that once you have had a taste, you will be back for more.

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