Monday, October 28, 2013

Calorie Free Chocolate at My Lazy Daisy!

Today is national chocolate day!  Celebrate calorie free with our beautiful chocolate colored quilt kits. Enjoy the scrumptious, rich chocolate browns in these deliciously darling projects.

Snuggle Up Strip (Jungle Fever)
Pattern: $9.95               Sku: 35000-05P
Complete: $99.95          Sku: 35000-05C
Complete Plus: $124.95  Sku: 35000-05CP

Hot Pads (Farm Fresh Brown)
Pattern: $9.95      Sku: 50012-P
Complete: $19.95 Sku: 50012-C

Ruffled Tea Towel (Farm Fresh Brown)
Pattern: $9.95       Sku: 50017-P
Complete: $19.95  Sku: 50017-C

Threads of Time (Traditional)
Pattern: $29.95       Sku: 45100-P
Top: $249.95           Sku: 45100-T
Complete: $299.95   Sku:451000-C
Individual Blocks: $15.98 ea.
Party Topper (Oreganata)

Pattern: $12.95     Sku: 50007-P
Esssential: $24.95 Sku: 50007-E
Top Kit: $53.95    Sku: 50007-T
Complete: $89.98 Sku: 50007-C

Snuggle Up Strip (Cowboy)
Pattern: $9.95               Sku: 350018-P
Complete: $99.95          Sku: 350018-C
Complete Plus: $124.95 Sku: 350018-CP

Snuggle Up Strip (Cowgirl)
Pattern: $9.95               Sku: 350019-P
Complete: $99.95          Sku: 350019-C
Complete Plus: $124.95 Sku: 350019-CP

You can get your dose of chocolate and purchase any of these chocolate kits at our online store, or for a more personal touch you can find a daisy consultant near you. 

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