Thursday, July 25, 2013

Today is Merry Go Round Day

Hello there My Lazy Daisy followers, and Happy Merry-Go-Round Day! Yes, we are serious, it's a real holiday, and it is TODAY. Exactly 142 years ago, Willhelm Schnieder was granted the first patent for the Merry-Go-Round. Since then, we would like to think that everyone has experienced a joyful moment through the simplicity and magic of a carousel, whether from your own childhood or by seeing it in the eyes of another child.

We would like to suggest a wonderful way to celebrate this unique holiday and invite you create this darling Block of the Month project with a child in your life. This beginner level project captures the simple joys of the Merry-Go-Round and is perfect for the busy little hands of YOUR li'l stitcher. There is no better opportunity to create special moments together than to teach a child a new talent and pass on a piece of your legacy block by block.

Merry Go Round
  Pattern: $29.94           Sku: 44000-P
                            Essential : $19.95       Sku: 44000-01E to 44000-12E
 Top Kit: $219.95        Sku: 44000-T
Complete: $249.95     Sku: 4400-C

Imagine the excitement in the eyes of any child when two of you make the final stitch in this quilt and proudly wave it around for all to see.

Create your special moment by ordering Merry-Go-Round on your Consultant's website. If you don't have a consultant, no need to fret. You can still make the magic happen because we will help you easily find one. Go to our website and enter your city and state or zip code using our "Find Consultant" search bar. A whole list of consultants near you area will pull up. Just select one, then be taken directly to their website to begin shopping online!

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