Monday, July 29, 2013

Hot July Projects

Looking for the perfect projects to fill the rest of YOUR July?

No worries because we are one step ahead. Today we are featuring some products for your kitchen that are quick and easy to create, as well as the perfect color combos for July and the rest of the Summer. We know you will love them as much as we do!
Here are a couple of "Hot"  items. Our hot pads are both SUPER cute and FUNCTIONAL, plus oh-so-easy to create. Who says baking can't be stylish?!
 Hot Pads: Farm Fresh Blue
Pattern: $9.95       Sku: 50011-P
Complete: $19.95  Sku: 50011-C

Hot Pads: Freedom
Pattern: $9.95        Sku: 50010-P
Complete: $19.95  Sku: 50010-C

Tea Towels add the perfect accent to any kitchen, and these color collections make them impossible to resist. Yet  another example of fashionably functional!  We're sure you'll notice that they match the hot pads above.  
Tea Towels: Farm Fresh Blue
Pattern: $9.95        Sku: 50016-P
Complete: $19.95   Sku: 50016-C

Tea Towels: Freedom
Pattern: $9.95       Sku: 50015-P
Complete: $19.95 Sku: 50015-C

Order your projects for July on your Consultant's website today. If you don't have a Consultant, use the city and sate or zip search on our website to pull up a list of consultants in your area. From there, simply point and click, then be taken directly to a consultant website, and start your MLD online shopping experience!

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