Monday, June 17, 2013

This Week's WOWS!

We are now into week 3 of our Website Weekly Wows!

In case you have forgotten, let us remind you how it works. Spend $50 or more on an online shopping cart order, before shipping and tax, and receive our FABULOUS gift of the week.
This week you will be getting  Ric Rac Grab Bag... FREE!

Ric Rac is awesome for embellishing all kinds of projects. Adding a strip of it here or a border there will make your quilts "pop" and come alive.
Here are some My Lazy Daisy Products that are great examples of ways to incorporate Ric Rac into YOUR projects and give them more character.

We LOVE our Ruffled Tea Towels (below)! The Ric Rac makes them so much fun and it really helps to pull color from the focus print!

Ruffled Tea Towel: Farm Fresh Blue
Pattern:$9.95        Sku: 50016P
Complete:$19.95  Sku:50016-C

Ruffled Tea Towel: Freedom
Pattern:$9.95        Sku: 50015-P
Complete:$19.95  Sku: 50015-C
(Order yours in time to accessorize your kitchen for Independence Day!)

The lime Ric Rac gives our "Frilly Fairy" quilt (below) some added texture and really does its jobs of separating the stripes.
Frilly Fairy
Pattern: $14.95      Sku: 10024-P
Essential: $54.95   Sku: 10024-E
Top Kit: $17.95     Sku: 10024-T
Complete: $99.95   Sku: 10024-C

As you can see from our "Celebrate Summer" project (below), Ric Rac can replace unnecessary labor. Instead of spending the time to sew red and white fabric together to create the striped chevron design, throwing some Ric Rac on there gives you the same effect with less work. Work smarter, not harder!
Celebrate Summer
Pattern: $29.95       Sku:10019-P
Essential: $57.95     Sku: 10019-E 
Top Kit: $142.95     Sku: 10019-T
Complete: $184.95   Sku: 10019-C

This special is only good when purchasing on a consultant's website.  If you don't have a Daisy Consultant, you can visit to find one near you using our city and state or zip search. Simply choose from the list of names in your area, then be taken directly to their site! 

Remember, there is no limit to the amount of orders that you can place. Thats means no limit on the amount of gifts you can receive! How do ya like them apples?

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