Thursday, May 23, 2013

Meet Brandy!

At the home office at My Lazy Daisy, we are fortunate to have so many great employees! We want to introduce you to our Office and Warehouse Manager, Brandy.

Brandy started working for My Lazy Daisy a little over a year ago, in March 2012.  

Brandy said, "Over the past year I have truly grown to love this company, its products, and my bosses, Dana and Diane (co-owners of MLD).  When I was first hired, my job was cutting fabric for our beautiful kits and packaging them in the warehouse. Now I manage the warehouse and the home office. I will truly be forever grateful to Dana and Diane for taking a chance on me."

"I think what I love most about working for MLD are the wonderful ladies I meet and the great relationships I get to form with our consultants all over the country."

"I have lived in St. George, UT for 10 ½ years with my wonderful husband, Adam (we are celebrating our 20th year anniversary this year) and my three beautiful daughters.  Autumn 12, Abbey 9, and Atley 6.  I love to sew and have been doing it since I was 7 years old,  taught at the knee of my grandmother and mother.  I also love reading, travel and most of all, spending time with my family."

We love Brandy and thought you should get to know her a bit too! Thanks for all of the wonderful work you do for our company, Brandy!

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