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Top 10 Humorous Reasons Not to Become a My Lazy Daisy Consultant

April is the month to join the My Lazy Daisy family and become a consultant. With the April special you get all the contents of the Starter Kit (over $200 in product for $99), plus an additional $90 worth of beautiful Summer themed products FREE.

We realize that being a My Lazy Daisy Consultant isn't for everyone. We've compiled a humorous list of why NOT to join. We hope you might giggle a bit as you read it because we sure did as we wrote!  Take a peek and see if any of these reason apply to you...

Top 10 Reasons NOT to Become a My Lazy Daisy Consultant
 Thanks to our friend, Janene Wawro for the fun idea for this list

1) I despise getting things I love for a deep discount. I’ve always paid full price for everything, and don’t see any reason to change now.

2) I just don’t have enough time to do something I love and make money at the same time. Why make money doing something I love when instead I could just spend, spend, spend?

3) I don’t think I could possibly share something I am good at with anyone else. In fact, I should be standing up there teaching you my other skills - bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills… (Name that movie! Napolean Dynamite)

4) I have enough friends and never want to make any more.  I certainly don’t enjoy time laughing, sharing and sewing with other women.

5) I like wandering all over the fabric store looking for fabrics that match and coordinate, purchasing it all many hours later, and then going home and trying to come up with a design to use it all on, quite often deciding I bought all the wrong things.  I can’t imagine why anyone would want to be able to get sewing and quilting kits all in one place that match and are already beautifully designed and ready to go. That’s just much too convenient. I’d much prefer wasting my time and money.

6) I don’t like my friends, and don’t want to invite them over - they bug me.  In fact, I don’t really like people in general, to be honest with you.

7) I don’t enjoy learning how to be creative or finding a stress-relieving hobby to do with my friends and family.  Life is supposed to be stressful, so please don’t take that away from me.

8) I want to spend every waking minute with my spouse and family, without any outside interests and activities.  That way we can get sick of each other faster.  Please leave me in my misery.

9) I really don’t want to be able to earn money doing something I love, and in addition earn other incentives as well and have others cheering me on as I do.  I don’t want to be surrounded by people who love doing the same things I do, and I certainly don’t want to feel the ‘joy’ of helping someone else earn money doing something they love either.

10) I couldn’t possibly take a night or two off from watching my favorite TV shows.  Besides, I’d rather sit through all the fabulous commercials LIVE than fast forward them later.

Please circle which reason applies to you, and we won’t ask you to consider being a My Lazy Daisy Consultant in April when the sign up deal is so great!

If none of these reasons apply to you and you think you would like to become a Daisy Consultant, just head to your consultant's website and click on "Join Now". If you don't already have a consultant, no problem. Just go to and click on "Find a Consultant." You can enter your information to find a consultant near you and sign up on her website.

As a reminder, here are all the extra items you get when you sign up in April...

  • Freedom Hot Pads Kit
  • Freedom Ruffled Tea Towel Kit
  • Fairy Scissors*
  • Crocheted Tape Measure*
  • Notions Bag*
*colors and styles of these items vary

That's right, you get ALL of this, a $90 value......FREE!!!  You might also want to note that the $99 Starter Kit is actually full of over $200 in products (see photo below)!

My Lazy Daisy New Consultant Starter Kit includes: Party Topper Cupcakes Kit, Petal Pushers Kit, Candy Ribbon Consultant Demonstration Kit, Lazy Daisy Cookbook, Daisy Charms Bracelet, Catalogs, Daisy Event Invitations, Customer Order Forms, Daisy Folder and Essential Paperwork (Compensation Plan, Daisy Consultant Handbook, Ordering Instructions), Credit Card Processing Slips, Daisy Clipboard
 Have a Dynamite Daisy Day!

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