Monday, April 29, 2013

Meet Jan Brown

As we mentioned on Thursday, we're back today to introduce you to another of our wonderful My Lazy Daisy Consultants.  After reading about Jan, you'll be reminded about the two wonderful specials we have going right now, one of which ends on April 30. Don't miss it!


Hi, my name is Jan Brown and I am a Lazy Daisy Consultant! I am so excited.  I like to think of my journey as a fairy tale.  So just like all fairy tales it begins with, "Once Upon a Time."  Once upon a time the corporate office of the company I used to work for came and closed three private, residential treatment centers for trouble teens in our small town, where I was the Special Education Director  Devastated, and not knowing what to do with myself, my friend Dana called and invited me to her home to come and listen to her new adventure, My Lazy Daisy.  I went, I loved it, I signed up and I am so excited to be part of this company where truly we are making memories and money one stitch at a time.   I love to meet new people and quickly I have made life time friends.  This fairy tale has made many dreams come true for me and my family.  This opportunity has and continues to direct me to many happy endings. 

To me, my journey with My Lazy Daisy is comparable to another life experience I recently had

I had the opportunity to go rock wall climbing with a group of family and friends. Before I left my room that morning, I set a goal.  My goal was to not quit. No matter what challenges faced me, I was going all the way.   As I entered the facility and looked at the tall, tall, wall of "rocks" scattered throughout, I gazed at the top and there was a shiny chrome rod.   I was feeling excited and energized as everyone was giving me high fives and reassuring me that I can do this.  I was determined to reach my goal and go all the way.  As my coach harnessed me in I was scared and a little apprehensive, but I had set a goal and I was going to do it.  After he gave me a little pep talk and some instructions, I started up the wall.  It started out pretty easy and I thought to myself, "This is a piece of cake."  Soon the rocks were further apart and smaller.  I stopped, looked down and everyone continued to cheer me on, and tell me that I could do this.  My daughter, being my best cheerleader said, "Mom, you can do this! Don't look back, just keep your eye on the chrome rod."  I then proceeded to go up, step by step, rock by rock, gripping tightly as I pulled myself up the wall.  Tired, excited, my emotions soaring, I hit the chrome rod, and shouted, "I did it!"  Everyone was cheering and screaming and telling me, "Good job, way to go, I knew you could do it."  As I lowered myself down, legs shaking, sweat streaming, the harness taken off, the coach gave me a high five and told me that I was awesome. 

Probably many of you are thinking, "What has this got to do with My Lazy Daisy???"  Let me tell you!  I started My Lazy Daisy feeling scared and excited, but the first thing I did was set a goal and from then on I have continued to set many goals.  As I gazed up at that wall with a feeling of accomplishment I thought about My Lazy Daisy.  I have several coaches giving me instructions (the corporate office staff) and  I have a great circle of friends who are also cheering me on to reach my goals.  Step by step, just as rock by rock, I have climbed to a point where I am continuing to set goals to reach the top, my top being a Diamond Daisy.  

I kept my sights on what I wanted during the experience of rock wall climbing, such as I am keeping my eyes and goals set on reaching a goal, a dream, and I know I can do it.   I can do this and so can youWE have a great support team, we can all reach the top and help others along the way to do the same.  I am excited to be involved in this company and I am always going to keep my eye on the top.  I want to be successful in this business, so I continue to set goals and work towards them no matter how hard it may seem at times.  I have support just a phone call, email, or text away.

A must read book, "Be A Direct Selling Superstar" by Mary Christensen tells us, and I quote:
"By knowing what you want, and pursuing it with relentless enthusiasm, you'll inspire others to do the same.  When you achieve your goal you'll become a living example that success in direct selling is believable and achievable."  I believe in you and I hope all your dreams come true through this company.

Best wishes to all of you...
 Now on to those reminders we promised....  
1.  Don't forget! 
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*colors and styles of these items vary

 The $99 Starter Kit itself is actually full of over $200 in products!

My Lazy Daisy New Consultant Starter Kit includes: Party Topper Cupcakes Kit, Petal Pushers Kit, Candy Ribbon Consultant Demonstration Kit, Lazy Daisy Cookbook, Daisy Charms Bracelet, Catalogs, Daisy Event Invitations, Customer Order Forms, Daisy Folder and Essential Paperwork (Compensation Plan, Daisy Consultant Handbook, Ordering Instructions), Credit Card Processing Slips, Daisy Clipboard

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These bags are great because they are made of a water protective fabric that can be wiped down.  Nice!

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