Thursday, April 18, 2013

Autism Awareness Month

We just wanted to take some time to recognize and provide some information about this disorder.  The following post was written my My Lazy Daisy's own Kim Brooks. Kim was the one that suggested we focus a bit on Autism this month, Autism Awareness Month. Kim has had experience working with these special individuals and wanted to do anything she could to bring awareness to this disorder.  Thanks, Kim for suggesting it and for writing this post!

Autism effects 1 in 88 children, 1 in 54 boys. It is the fastest growing serious developmental disorder in the U.S. Boys are five times more likely to suffer from Autism than girls. There is no detection or cure for this complex disorder of brain development. It can effect a child's social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication and cause repetitive behaviors. The symptoms of Austism range from from relatively mild to very severe. Some children with autism will never be able to communicate with spoken language. On average, this life-long condition costs a family $60,000 a year.

A family who is affected with autism struggles with many hardships of this disorder. It can be hard for a parent to hear that their child is autistic, have the fear that their child may never be able to verbally communicate with them, and the fear that their child will in no way have an easy life. However, I know from personal experience that these children are amazing, and some are incredibly ingenious! They each have their individual personality, but have such sweet spirits. It takes a very strong human being to overcome the hardships of Autism and work to improve themselves every day. I have the upmost respect for the families that put forth the effort to benefit their child who is affected. I also have nothing but LOVE and respect for the child affected, as he/she deals with the frustration of not being understood because he/she sees NORMAL from a different perspective. Every individual with autism can benefit and improve from the proper therapy. It takes effort on the part of the parent and surrounding loved ones to help the child because he/she cannot do it alone.

For more information on Autism, you can visit Everyone comes in contact with an individual who is affected by Autism at some point in their life. Learn how you can do your part.

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