Monday, March 25, 2013

Start a Go2Sew Group and Start the FUN!

There is a special buzz that fills the room as women chat and sew. My lazy Daisy's Go2sew Groups bring friends together to enjoy time away while creating fresh, fun projects.

To start  your own go2sew Group simply contact your Daisy Consultant to let her know you'd like to start a group, invite your friends family members, and neighbors who love to sew would love to learn to sew. Your Daisy Consultant will help coordinate monthly dates, pick the projects and create the fun! If you don't currently have a consultant, no problem! Just go to and click on "Find a Consultant". 
  • Make Fun, easy and quick projects
  • Take a turn hosting a group and share the rewards
  • A once a month break with friends
  • Learn ne techniques and increase your skill
  • Stay up ro date on projects and fabrics
  • Create friendships that will last a lifetime

Have Fun with some of these Go2Sew projects!

Granny Bag: Lagoona

Complete Kit: $54.95 Sku 350012-C
(Available in 3 color collections)

Party Topper: Oreganata
Pattern: $12.95            Sku: 50007-P
 Essential Kit: $24.9    Sku: 50007-E
Top Kit: $ 53.95         Sku: 50007-T
Complete Kit: $89.95  Sku: 50007-C
(available in 4 color collections)

Bread and Butter Table Runner
Pattern: $9.95             Sku: 50023-P
Top Kit: $39.95          Sku: 50023-T
Complete Kit: $49.95 Sku: 50023-C

Hot Pads: Freedom
Pattern: $ 9.95             Sku: 10010-P
Complete Kit: $19.95  Sku:50010-C
(Available in 5 color collections)

Ruffled Tea Towel: Farm Fresh Blue

Pattern: $9.95             Sku:50016-P
Complete Kit: $19.95  Sku: 50016-C
(Available in 5 color collections)

The Mini Apron: Knock Knock

Pattern: $9.95             Sku: 50018-P
Complete kit: $32.95  Sku: 50018-C
(Available in 4 color collections)

Party Banner : Celebrate
Pattern: $9.95             Sku: 30013-P
Complete Kit: $54.95  Sku: 30013-C
(Availabe in 2 color collections)

Get a Go2Sew group started today by contacting your Daisy Consultant. As a reminder, if you don't have a consultant, you can visit or website and enter your city and state or zip. Select a consultant you will be taken to their website where you can get their contact information.

If you want more information on how to join a go2sew group, visit My Lazy Daisy today!

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