Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ring in Spring with My Lazy Daisy

Spring has officially arrived. 

Welcome Spring with open arms with one of My Lazy Daisy's Spring products.

Be Hoppy

Pattern: $15.95               Sku: 30005-P
Complete $64.95            Sku: 30005-C
Complete Plus: $104.95 Sku: 30005-CP

Frilly Fairy
Pattern: $14.95            Sku: 10024-P
Essential Kit: $54.95   Sku: 10024-E
Top Kit: $79.95           Sku: 10024-T
Complete Kit: $99.95  Sku:10024-C

Piggy Tales
Pattern: $12.95            Sku: 10010-P
Essential Kit: $32.95   Sku: 10010-E
Top Kit: $69.95           Sku: 10010-T
Complete Kit: $99.95  Sku: 10010-C 

Baby Buds
Pattern:$14.95                 Sku: 10001-P
Top Kit: $129.95             Sku: 10001-T
Complete Kit: $159.95    Sku: 10001-C
Complete Plus: $174.95  Sku: 10001-CP

Blooming Baskets
Pattern: $19.95               Sku: 10013-P
Top Kit: $199.95           Sku: 10013-T
Complete Kit: $259.95  Sku: 10013-C

Pillows ala Bloom
Pattern: $19.95               Sku: 30006-P
Complete: $109.95         Sku: 30006-C
Complete Plus: $149.95 Sku:30006-CP

Pillowcase Dress: Yellow Daisy
Pattern: $9.95              Sku: 30002-06P
Complete Kit: $29.95  Sku: 30002-06C

Slouchy Bag: Daisy Cottage Gray

Pattern: $12.95            Sku: 30000-05P
Essential Kit: $26.95   Sku: 30000-05E
Complete Kit: $49.95  Sku: 30000-05C

Don't forget that this kit is part of our March Special.
Order now and get your FREE Fabric Yardage Bag. (up to $20 Value)

Pattern: $12.95           Sku: 50020-P
Essential Kit: $29.95  Sku: 50020-E
Complete Kit: $49.95  Sku: 50020-C

Place your Spring order by shopping on your consultant's website today.
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