Monday, March 18, 2013

Mesa, Arizona Quilt Guild Show

My Lazy Daisy spent last week on an Arizona adventure as we attended the Arizona Quilt Guild Show in Mesa. It is always intriguing to travel to an area of the country with a different natural landscape. Mesa, Arizona definitely has a distinct and unique beauty that is all its own.

Life was a Picnic for those attending the quilt show, especially the visitors to the My Lazy Daisy booth who were able to feast their eyes on all of our adorable products.

Our Spring and Summer display was a big attraction to those who were itching for Spring and ready to enjoy the warm weather (Isn't that EVERYONE right now?). The two hanging projects in the photo below are ....

Block of the Month: You're Invited                         Celebrate Summer 
 (left)                                                                             (right)
Pattern: $29.95       Sku: 46000                               Pattern: $29.95        Sku: 10019-P
Essential: $24.95    Sku: See Catalog                     Essential: $57.97     Sku: 10019-E 
Top: $219.95          Sku: 46000-T                          Top: $142.95           Sku:10019-T
Complete: $244.95 Sku: 46000-C                          Complete: $184.95  Sku: 10019-C

An early feeling of Autumn was in the air as show attendees stepped over to our beautiful display of projects containing Fall colors. These products are RICH with color and have that warm, cozy and homey affect. 

Mesa turned out to be a great success.  Anytime we are able to bring color to the world of a quilter, whether she be there to purchase, or just needs to see some beauty from the world she is most familiar with to brighten her day, we at My Lazy Daisy feel that we have achieved our goal. We all know a good quilt made with such love and care is the best thing to warm you, both outside.....and in!

Bring color into the world of a quilter or a non-quilter around you by becoming a Consultant today. You will find that nothing spells love like handmade.  To purchase any of the products you see above, just head to our website and click on 'Find a Consultant'.  You'll be able to choose a consultant's website to purchase from. You can also view our beautiful new catalog page by delicious page here.

To sign up, go to our website and search our list of consultants by city, state, or zip  and select a consultant near you. Once taken to their My Lazy Daisy website, click "join now" and we will walk you through the necessary steps to join the My Lazy Daisy family.  You'll be so glad you did.

Happy Quilting!

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  1. You are so amazing! Love you and your creations :)