Monday, March 4, 2013

Happy Birthday to Diane Card, Co-owner of My Lazy Daisy!

Today's post is written by Co-owner and Head Designer at My Lazy Daisy, Dana Brooks in honor of her sister, Diane Card's (the other Co-owner) birthday.

Hi! Dana here!

The birthday girl turned 45 this last Saturday. To celebrate, all the employees at the My Lazy Daisy Warehouse went out to Sakura, a Japanese Steakhouse, for lunch. This is a "never" because we are always working, working, working. However, the boss (Diane), whom we affectionately refer to as "The Warden" gave us the order that we would be celebrating in a big way and who are we to argue?

The two sisters sit next to each other and quietly enjoy their lunch. But if you know anything about these women, you probably guessed that it didn't stay quiet for long!  

Mmmmmm..... look at that steam coming off those veggies.

 We got our favorite chef, Tommy. He is always sure to provide a good laugh, and amazing food. He is what we call a "ninja chef."

All of the warehouse employees with Diane and Dana. Happy birthday, Diane!

Life is filled with matter how old you are remember to always make time to enjoy each other.  Although we refer to Diane as "The Warden," it's just because someone needs to be in charge and have the title.  If you know Diane, you know she is a born leader. However, she is so much more than that! She loves adventure and is always looking for the impossible to conquer.  Her talent goes way beyond her years, although she is getting up there in age (*wink*).  As she puts her talents with mine it is a winning combination.  We will never stop dreaming and making a future with  a company we believe in and love.  

Happy Birthday, Sis...and thanks for helping me develop dreams into reality with... MY LAZY DAISY!

Dana Brooks,
Co-owner and Designer of My Lazy Daisy
Loving Sister of Diane Card

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