Thursday, March 14, 2013

Get "Green" with My Lazy Daisy

With St. Patrick's Day just around the corner..."Get Lucky" with My Lazy Daisy...
by ordering from our featured GREEN products.

Jumbo Snuggle: Marabella Lime
Pattern: $9.95                 Sku:35001-07P
Complete Kit: $164.95   Sku: 35001-07C
Complete plus: $199.95  Sku: 35001-07CP 

Wee Ones Honey Buns
Pattern: $14.95              Sku: 10007-P
Top Kit: $129.95           Sku: 10007-T
Complete Kit: $169.95  Sku: 10007-C

Big Strip Little Strip: Island Breeze
Pattern: $9.95                 Sku: 35005-P
Complete Kit: $169.95   Sku: 35005-C
Complete Plus: $199.95 Sku: 35005-CP

Candy Ribbon: Hush-a-Bye Girl
Pattern: $12.95             Sku: 25005-04P
Essential Kit: $79.95     Sku: 25005-04E
Top Kit: $129.95          Sku: 25005-04T
Complete Kit: $159.95  Sku: 25005-04C

Hot Pads: Farms Fresh Brown              Ruffled Tea Towels: Farm Fresh Brown


Pattern: $9.95        Sku: 50012-C            Pattern: $9.95       Sku: 50017-P
Complete: $19.95  Sku: 50012-C            Complete:$19.95  Sku: 50017-C

Merry Go Round: This is one of our Block of the Month quilts. You can buy one block at a time or the whole kitten caboodle!  Shamrock: (Block 3)
Block 3 (Shamrock): $19.95  Sku: 44000-03E
Complete Kit: $249.95           Sku:44000-C

Cotton Prints - $6.49 per 1/2 yard
Tippy Toes
9420-06                      9422-66

9476-66                      9472-66

Cuddle Prints - $ 12.49 per 1/2 Yard

DB1000-3        DB-1002-2

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