Monday, February 25, 2013

Brand New 2013 My Lazy Catalog Is Live!

The brand, spankin' new 2013 My Lazy Daisy catalog is now live online and you can view it page by delicious page.  You might want to grab a cup of hot chocolate and put your feet up.  We're pretty sure you're going to be enthralled for quite a while. 

Contact your Daisy Consultant for a copy of your own. If you don't have a consultant, finding one is easy!  Just head here to find one in your area. You can also purchase any of the beautiful items you see in the catalog on your consultant's website.

Some of the great features of our new catalog include:
  • An easy to follow guide which explains EVERYTHING that is included in each kit
  • Gorgeous photography of each of our products
  • Information about becoming a Daisy Consultant
  • Information about hosting a My Lazy Daisy party and earning rewards
  • Information about joining a monthly go2sew group
  • Easy to understand explanations about each of our kit options and skill levels.

With a brand new catalog, there isn't a better time to sign up to be a My Lazy Daisy Consultant. You can do it in a snap, for only $99 here.

Find exactly what you are looking for in this catalog by following our color coordinated sectional tabs which include: Featured Fabrics, Block of the Month, Exclusive Quilts, All Minky, Kitchen Collections, Accessorize, and Tools and Notions. 

Here are just a few of the projects from our Exclusive Quilts section that are to die for:

Baby Bubbles
Pattern: $12.95                Sku: 10018-P
Essential Kit: $44.95       Sku: 10018-E
Top Kit: $89.95              Sku: 10018-T
Complete Kit: $124.95    Sku: 10018-C


Pattern: $9.95                 Sku: 10026-P
Essential Kit: $34.95       Sku: 10026-E
Top Kit: $59.95              Sku: 10026-T
Complete Kit: $89.95     Sku: 10018-C

You can find these festive products, which come in assorted colors, when you shop from our Kitchen Collections section.

Ruffled Tea Towel (Freedom)
Pattern: $9.95 Sku: 50015-P
Complete Kit $19.95  Sku: 5015-C

 The Mini Apron (Oreganata)
Pattern: $9.95             Sku:50021-P
Complete Kit: $32.95   Sku: 50021-C 

 Hot pads (Farm Fresh Brown)
Pattern: $9.95               Sku:50012-P
Complete Kit: $19.95    Sku: 50012-C

Enjoy these products and so much more by exploring our new catalog today!

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