Thursday, February 7, 2013

Meet Syd

My Lazy Daisy is a great way for a woman to generate her own source of income, and become independent by turning her hobby into a successful business. The best part is that you have option to work from your own home, but you are not limited to that.

Two of our consultant's, Katie Danelley and Rachelle Edwards, took the opportunity to set up a booth at their local "What Women Want Expo." 

Enjoy the success of independence by visiting a consultants website, and joining today.

Independence is STRONG.....
strong is FIERCE.....

Just ask our and most loyal, longtime customer. She has been purchasing our products since we were just a new little quilt shop off of Main Street. Her very favorite quilts are made of the ever soft Cuddle fabric, which she is constantly snuggling up with. Nobody knows FIERCE like Syd.

Everyone......Meet Syd the bearded dragon.

Yes, Syd's owner really makes all these blankees just for her....and YES, Syd honestly, and truly loves them.

That just goes to show you....QUILTING IS FOR EVERYONE!

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