Thursday, February 21, 2013

Celebrate National "Read Me Week" with Story Time Snuggle

It's "National Read To Me Week!"  There is nothing quite like the joy of sitting down and reading with a child. As we nourish their mind with the written word, we also enrich their imagination and creativity.

A Little History: 
National Read To Me Week was started by Frankie DeWees in 1986 to celebrate the importance of reading. As part of Read To Me Week, many people would wear shirts to school with phrases written on them so they were literally reading each other. Through the duration of this week, you will often find local celebrities visiting schools and reading to many of the classes.

As technology advances, it becomes even more important for us to encourage reading amongst our little ones. We need to help them experience the imaginative world that the brain creates when sitting down with a good book.

Get nestled in with a little one, whether it be your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, or a cousin, and enjoy a book with...
"Story Time Snuggle"
Pattern- $12.95            Sku-10015-P
Essential Kit- $39.95    Sku-10015-E
 Top Kit- $69.95           Sku- 10015-T
 Complete Kit- $99.95   Sku- 10015-C

This project is a simple and easy to follow pattern. It comes with a children's book and is backed with minky for those extra snuggly moments.
For kit purchasing options and details go to your Consultant's website and shop online. If you do not have a consultant, click here to find one nearest to you.

                                       Children are made readers on the laps of their parents. 
                                                                                                - Emilie Buchwald 
Have a dynamite Daisy day!

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