Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Spotlight on Kay McArthur, Our First Daisy Director

Meet Kay McArthur!

She has taken hold of the opportunity that My Lazy Daisy has given her, and turned it into a marvelous success as our very first Daisy Director. With her downline always growing, Kay has  established many new friends and has turned her passion into a valuable business.

We have asked the lovely Kay McArthur to share with us a little bit about herself as well as some of her feelings on becoming My Lazy Daisy's first Daisy Director.

Hi everyone, my name is Kay.

I am humbled and honored to be the first Daisy Director in MLD.  That may sound odd to some, but it’s true nevertheless.  I recognize that it was a short 10 month journey that I didn’t make alone.  Support came from all around me. In fact, some were unaware that they were helping me at all.  I thank you all.

I really enjoy my large team.  We are the PIECEMAKERS & come from 12 states. It takes a lot of time to stay on top of them all, but it makes me feel like they’re my sisters (or my daughters)! I like my team to feel like they are connected.

I was born and raised in St. George, UT.  After graduating from Dixie High, I married my high school sweetheart, Harvey McArthur.  We raised 6 children and have somehow managed to keep them close enough to see our 23 grandchildren as often as we want!

I have no formal education.  Everything I know about anything, I learned peeking over the shoulder of someone I loved or trusted!

Hey now, WAKE  UP,  I’m really not that dull!  I‘ve been known to keep the party going until 3am!

Keep Calm and Piece On

Enjoy a few fun shots of Kay while she was attending our "Daisies in the Desert" retreat in January 2013. We set aside a segment of our formal dinner to recognize Kay for this HUGE achievement.

Strike a pose Kay!

Kay is pulled up front and center to experience her crowning moment as My Lazy Daisy's FIRST consultant to reach the status of "Daisy Director."

Kay and Dana Brooks (Co-owner and Head Designer of My Lazy Daisy) share a hug after Dana expresses her feelings on this achievement with the rest of the attendees.

A toast to the new year and a challenge to other consultants to aspire to reach "Daisy Director."

Thank you, Kay for catching the vision when we officially launched My Lazy Daisy less than a year ago and picking it up and running with it. We know that My Lazy Daisy is growing daily because of dedicated Daisy Consultants like Kay who love this company and its wonderful products. Why don't YOU become our next Director? To do so, you've got to become a Consultant first!  Just head to your Consultant's website to sign up, or, if you don't already have a Consultant, head to our website at and click on Find a Consultant. Once you have chosen one just head on over to their website to sign up. Easy, peasy! With our BRAND, NEW 2013 Catalog just released, there isn't a better time to get started!

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