Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween in Houston

Just because these gals were is Houston at the quilt show, doesn't mean they were about to miss out on the Halloween fun. 
(pictured from left to right) Christine Smoot - Daisy Consultant, Dana Brooks - Co-owner/ Head Designer Of My Lazy Daisy , Jan Brown - Daisy Consultant, Kay McArthur - Daisy Consultant, and Julie Anderson -  Daisy Consultant.

We would also like to give a warm welcome to our new recruits.

  • Laurie Kelly in Sun City, AZ joined Jan Browns team.
  • Nancy McCarren in Fort Pierce, FL joined Joanne Barney's team.
  • Tami Schaar in Fish Haven, ID joined Christine Smoot's team.
  • Margie Barker in Mount Pleasant, UT joined Glenda Seely's team.
  • Jennifer Reinhart in Newport, OR joined Cindy McEtnee's team.
  • Barbara Evans in Washington, UT joined Lynnette Judd's team.
  • Karen Harrison in Phoenix, AZ joined Cindy Adams' team.
  • Randa Hawley in Annabelle, UT joined Christine Smoot's team.
These ladies are the newest, fabulous addition to My Lazy Daisy. Welcome aboard!!

If you would like to join our awesome team of My Lazy Daisy Independent Consultants, visit our website at

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