Friday, November 16, 2012

Black Friday

Can you believe it's already that time of year again?

Time to prepare to put lights up, spend time with your loved ones, enjoy fresh goodies baked with love.....and shopping for gifts.

For some people, those last few words make them clap their hands and squeal with excitement, others find themselves dreading the time they will spend in those lines, bumped up body to body with complete strangers, trying to find the perfect gift for everyone, but feeling like they are settling in the end.

Regardless of your take on it, we know there are pros and cons to the Black Friday craze.

Do you love the money you save on the amazing deals, but hate the crazed aggressive shoppers who knock you down, trying to hog 6 plasma screen televisions.

Do you love the feeling you get when you grasp your fingers around the perfect gift that you have been hoping to find, but hate the hour you spent in line before the store opened, slowly forming icicles on the tip of your nose, and despise the 2 hours you waited in the check out line to make your purchase?

We have great news for you. You can enjoy all the great things about Black Friday while nestled up in your Pajamas, sipping hot chocolate in the comfort of your own warm heated home.
Join us as we unveil a couple of hot items for our Black Friday Special.

Blooming Baskets
Reg. 259.95
Sale. 159.95
39% Savings

pillows sold separately

Ric Rac Receiving Blankets
Reg. 79.95
sale 39.95
51% Savings
Safari Boy
Safari Girl
So this Black Friday
  • Say NO to the risk of getting a concussion
  • Say NO to waiting in mile long lines, only to be cut in for of by 50 people
  • Say NO to standing outside in 20 degree weather at 4 A.M.

  • Say YES to amazing blowout prices
  • Say YES to simply darling gifts
  • Say YES to My Lazy Daisy

Blow out prices for 24 hours beginning Thanksgiving evening at 12:01 a.m. and ending 
 11:59 p.m. Friday evening (November 24), while supplies last. 
Shop on your Daisy Consulant's website, or find a consultant at 

We will continue to spotlight Black Friday Products next week, so keep checking in!

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