Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Dana, Continued

Ok everybody, the birthday pics are here. Let's take a look at how Dana spent her birthday yesterday.

Here is the booth that her hubby is helping to set up for Shannon Fabrics. With Dana newly designing for Shannon, they asked her to design their entire booth.

 The theme was "Cuddle Candy Land." 

How darling are these? It is a handout that Dana made for her "cuddle" booth. They are "Lagoona" smoothies that contain a free pattern, topped with a paper straw and gum ball for the "cherry on top."

Yes, that beach ball is made from "Lagoona cuddle!" and I do believe that I see a "cuddle" umbrella as well. AMAZING!

My Lazy Daisy will be carrying "Lagoona," so be sure to watch for it.

 Whats beach themed booth without a grass hut smoothie bar?

That is a lot of work, especially on your birthday! I think its time for a night out.
Dana celebrates by joining friends, Barbara Jones of Quilt Soup and her sister Glenna, for dinner.

As always, her faithful sweetheart, Daryl, accompanies her. 

WOW! Now that is a birthday dinner!!! If you are going party, you better do it right! 

We will have more pictures from Houston in next week's post. Don't miss out on the fun!!

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