Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Dana Brooks, Co-owner and Designer of My Lazy Daisy

As the time draws nearer for Dana to celebrate the big 50, she is beginning to feel a little old...

.... Hey now, not that old!

Traveling to Houston, TX has been so much fun with all these sweets and treats.... 
....well its couldn't be that fun. Get a load of THESE "treats." Dana's poor, poor husband won't be satisfying his sweet tooth with the kind of snacking this woman does.

Dana can't help but feel envious of her granddaughter, pictured on her phone, peacefully whisked away into dream land. There is no time for any sleep this week. After driving 3 days straight, Dana will be spending today setting up her booth for the International Quilt Market. Finally, after along day, she will head back to her hotel to get some rest.....
.......YEAH RIGHT! That's when the party begins.

More adventures await in tomorrow's blog post. The fun and excitement will really begin, as we receive more pics from the birthday girl.
See what a day in the life of Dana Brooks brings for her 50th year celebration.
Happy Birthday Dana! We hope you have a wonderful day, and we can't wait to see what the day brings. 

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  1. HAPPY HAPPY Birthday to another October baby!! Yippie.. peas of pod we all are!

    I hope you have a very blessed year to come!!

    warm hugs and kisses Dana!

    Cotton Peony