Monday, August 13, 2012

July Top 10 Sales Consultants!

Congratulations to our Top Ten Sales Consultants for July! These women have worked extremely hard, and My Lazy Daisy would like to take a minute to recognize these ladies on their success this month! Keep up the good work!!!

  1. Sydney Haglund
  2. Nedra Bunker
  3. Cynthia Whitten
  4. Nicole Hacking
  5. Brenda Smith
  6. Kay McArthur
  7. Kris Williams
  8. Christine Smoot
  9. Lynnette Judd
  10. Joni Hoaglin
Also, Cloreena Dobbs and Brenda Smith were promoted to the status of Daisy Delight, meaning that from now on, they will never receive below 23% on their sales! 

Congratulations to all our Consultants this month with all their success!

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