Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Operation Wood Hollow - A Plea for Help!!

Julie Anderson, one of our very own Daisy Consultants, has sent out a plea for help which I am passing along to you.  Julie lives in Fairview, Utah, an area being hit by the devastating wildfires in Utah right now.  As of the last post on her blog on Monday (, the fire was at 39,000 acres, over 300 homes had been evacuated and 29 homes had burned.  There have been no posts from Julie since Monday and the news reported that her entire town of Fairview has now been evacuated.  I texted Julie earlier today but have heard nothing back yet.  We are praying that she, her family and her home are safe! 

Her blog tells about her good friends Dave and Janice Taylor who lost their home this week.  As Julie says, "He and his wife were helping others evacuate to safety so they weren't able to get anything out of their own home.  All they have now are the clothes on their backs.

That's why I was up most of the night sewing.  I can't even begin to imagine the heartache they are feeling right now with having lost everything!  I decided the only way I can help them start to rebuild their lives is by giving them a quilt.  I know it's a little warm right now for a quilt, but it's the only way I know of to show them how much I love them and care about what they are going through right now.  So so sad.

While I was sewing I had a lot of time to think.  I know this may sound crazy, but I'm going to try I'm going to get 29 quilts for these families who have lost everything!  Will you help me???  I'm going to call this "Operation Wood Hollow" (that's the name of the fire)!  If there are any "Quilty Friends" out there who would be willing to donate fabric, extra quilt blocks, quilt tops, or completed quilts, I would LOVE it if you would be willing to help!  Maybe this is too much to ask . . . I don't even personally know you . . . but if you'd like to join with me in this cause I would be forever grateful!  What do you think???"

We encourage you to visit Julie's blog ( and to help Julie in her Operation Wood Hollow efforts.  As a company, My Lazy Daisy is able to donate fabric to Julie's cause.  If you are able to help sew some quilts together, let us know.  We can also open up the Cottage to those of you in the vicinity who would like to come into the Cottage to sew.  We also encourage you to pass this message on to your quilt friends and groups who might also be willing to help. 

Our prayers are with Julie, her family and neighbors right now as they struggle through this terrible tragedy and we hope that she is able to return to her home safely. 

With love, Dana & Diane

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  1. You have no idea how much that quilt will mean to them. My house burned four years ago, and while we sat there watching the firemen do their thing a good friend stopped by and gave me a little lap quilt. That quilt means the world to me and brought a lot of comfort in a time of need.