Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Our New Warehouse!

My Lazy Daisy is continuing to grow, fast!  Last night, My Lazy Daisy employees and their families spent the night moving in to our brand new warehouse.  Today, we've been getting everything situated and organizing everything.  And, since hiring two new lovely ladies, Brandy and Glenna, putting quilt kits together has never been so efficient!  We already love the added space and the new layout of this warehouse.  We are positive that this new addition to My Lazy Daisy will help both our employees and our Daisy Consultants!


  1. Wow! What an undertaking. Best of luck with your new projects. I love your Christmas fabric. So whimsical. Ann xoxo

  2. How long did it take you to finish the preparation of your new warehouse? I guess the cooperation of the whole team helped you finish the task at the earliest time possible. How huge is the area? An organized shelf also helps a warehouse look even wider… I can say you did well in organizing those shelves in your new warehouse. Belated congratulations, btw. ;)
    Matilda Nelson

  3. It was a very neat finish! :D I see you don’t use many light fixtures in there. That’s great how the structure allows the natural light to enter. I’m just wondering, though, what strategy do you use to control extreme temperatures in that setting? I know they could be detrimental to the fabrics. Best wishes!

    Saturnino Walmsley